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1.How long does it normally take to receive  an estimate? Estimates are normally received by our customers within 3 to 10 business days. There are some cases that may allow the estimate to be supplied a little sooner or later depending on the type of job requested. Overall our underlying goal is to bring our customers a Fast, Fair and Free estimate.

2.How do AAA Commercial Construction's estimate's compare to the rest of the industry?

Our estimates are very competitive when compared to the rest of the industry. Our estimates are given to you in a Fast, Fair and Free manner. We are certain that some company may offer to do the job a little cheaper than we could. We do not worry because we know how many of those other companies cut corners where we do not. Our jobs are done in a step by step complete manner with no quality sacrificing short cuts ever taken.

Always Fast, Fair and Free Estimates.

3.As a customer, how long after I agree to an estimate will AAA Commercial Construction start my project?

We normally like to start our jobs as soon as logistically possible after we go into contract with our clients. As with every job, there are timing, permitting and other logistical needs that will always give the exact determination on the start date. Our goal is always to arrange with the client to start as soon as possible.

4.Once started, How long will the job last?

Because every job is different on size, style, needs, location and more, each job will have a different schedule. Our goal is to always beat the projected milestone and completion dates.

5.Has AAA Commercial Construction's officers and crews done this type of project before?

With over 85 years of combined experience, Pete, Paul and Peter have worked on and seen almost every type of job available. In addition to themselves, AAA Commercial Construction has crews and foreman available for all needed skills/trades needed.

6.How long has AAA Commercial Construction's 3 officers been working in construction?

Our 3 officers have a combined 85+ years of experience in the industry. Peter Chinelli A.I.A. has 40+ years. Paul Williams-Kohlmeyer has 22+ years. Peter Chinelli 3rd has 25+ years of experience.

Please visit our about us page for more information.

7.How experienced are AAA Commercial Construction's work crews?

AAA Commercial Construction has crews with wide variety of vast experience. Our crews will typically have an average experience from 10+ years on the low end to 40+ years on the high end. Each crews make up is a little different which typically determines the average age of each particular crew.

8.Does AAA Commercial Construction and all of the crews carry all the required licenses, insurance and bonds?

Yes. AAA Commercial Construction keeps all of their license, bond and insurance information on this website. When required, our crews will also carry all needed licenses, insurance and bonds on their person.

9.How many men and/or crews can AAA Commercial Construction call upon at anytime?

We have our own crews on call that we can bring in within 24-72 hours. These crews represent all of the needed trades of construction.

10. Do all crews do the same job or does AAA Commercial Construction use different crews for different jobs depending on the required skill set?

AAA Commercial Construction  will always bring in the best crew for the job. Matching a crews skill set to the needed trade on the job is an essential role of the general contractor. This practice also insures the customer that everything will be built correctly and greatly limiting the chances of something going wrong in the future.

11.What days during the week will work best done?

We typically work on most jobs, Monday through Friday, during standard business hours.

We have crews that will work up to 7 days a week and can be rotated multiple times a day to reach 24 hours a day when needed. Each job will present different time schedule needs and deadlines.

12.Does AAA Commercial Construction follow all building codes and labor laws?

Yes. We always follow all building laws by constantly referring to our in house architects and engineers. We also request frequent inspections by the local municipalities building inspectors.

13.What job size is typical for AAA Commercial Construction?

Our typical job size is $200,000 to $10 million. We can easily do jobs larger and smaller depending on the circumstances. Feel free to contact us with your building needs.