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License # 1020909

Kollander Const. Lic # 755-488

390 Chautauqua Drive  Pacific Palisades, CA
2500 sq. ft. Two Story Addition & remodel
$800,000 construction costs

3020 Earlmar Drive  Los Angeles, CA 90064
Kitchen & master Bath Remodel
$160,000 construction costs

Del Mar Birth Center   Commercial/Medical
1416 El Centro Street So. Pasadena
1,559 sq. ft. Interior Tenant Improvements
$245,000 construction costs

4030 Cartwright  Ave. North Hollywood, CA
1000 sq. ft. addition  1600 sq. ft. remodel
$280,000 construction costs

56385 Village Drive  La Quinta, CA 92253
3500 sq. ft. new residence w/ 680 sq. ft. garage
$800,000 construction costs

10092 Valley Spring lane  Toluca lake, CA
3000 sq. ft. new residence w/ subterranean garage
$500,000 construction costs

603 North Trenton Dr. Beverly Hills
1600 sq. ft. addition to 5000 sq. ft. residence
$300,000 construction costs

4555 Ellenboro Way  Woodland Hills, CA
9500 square foot New Residence
Detached Garage and Maid's Quarters   
$1,100,000.00 construction costs

809 Cinthia St. Beverly Hills
6000 sq. ft. refurbishment of residence
Front elevation facelift
$150,000 construction costs

After so many years in the business we have completed a large & vast completed project database from a wide variety of customers in the Southern California area. 

Please browse bellow through some of the jobs we have worked in the recent past. 

5795 Calpine Dr

Malibu Ca, 90265

6,000 sq ft

4530 Conchita way

Tarzana Ca, 91356

2,800 sq ft


10092 Valley Spring Lane

Toluca Lake Ca, 91602

3,000 sq ft

222 Ashdale Place

Brentwood Ca, 90049

2,500 sq ft

Partial List:

Le Village Café 

30745 Pacific Coast Highway  Malibu

Interior Restaurant Tenant Improvements

$300,000 construction costs

4530 Conchita Way  Tarzana, CA

Second Floor Partial Addition

Remodel/Addition of Partial First Floor
Breakfast Nook Addition
$325,000 construction costs

9238 Airdrome Street LA, CA 90035
3000 sq. ft. residence Addition/Remodel
$450,000 construction costs

Residence  & Pool  
5795 Calpine Drive Malibu, CA
8000 sq. ft. new residence w/ Detached 3-Car garage

$2,800,000 construction costs

228 Ashdale Place  Brentwood, CA
1400 sq. ft. Addition with 1400 sf. remodel
$530,000 construction costs

1965 South Durango Ave. LA, CA 90034
4000 sq. ft. residence Addition/Remodel

$550,000 construction costs

Louis P. Dell Attorney’s Commercial Office  

715 Victory Blvd. Burbank, CA
3000sq. ft. Commercial Office Improvements

$150,000 construction costs

222 Ashdale Place  Brentwood, CA

2500 sq. ft. Addition/Remodel & various interior remodeling $350,000 construction costs